A cross-media project which uses rare archive footage to give landmark reassessment of the Balkan’s history, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of WW1.

The project comprises an exhibition with the work of five photographers who captured the reality of war and life in the Balkans in 1914-18; a series of short videos on the web platform Memories Europe. South East based on interviews with leading historians; a one-hour documentary about how WW1 transformed the Balkans; an educationnal programme for children aged 11-18.

The project was produced by Anemon Productions for the Goethe Institut, Athens.

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Written and directed by Andreas Apostolidis, Rea Apostolides and Yuri Averof
Historical Advisor: Christina Koulouri.
Cinematography: Stelios Apostolopoulos
Editing: Spyros Tsihlis
Archive and Production Manager: Leonidas Liambeys
Design of educational teacher’s guide: Angeliki Voultepsi
Producers: Rea Apostolides & Yuri Averof
Created in association with the Goethe Institut Athen, with the support of the British Council and the MEDIA porgramme of the EU.

A BalkanTale is a cross media project based on an exhibition of 50 specially commissioned photographs of Muslim, Christian and Jewish monuments in the Balkans, shot by five award winning photographers from Athens, Belgrade, Prizren, Skopje and Tirana. It also includes the film ‘Silent Balkans’ that explores how the memory of ethnic and religious co-existence during the Ottoman Empire, has come to be forgotten across the Balkans today.

The project aims to stimulate public discourse about the history of the Balkans, to promote a sense of common history based on religious and ethnic co-existence, and to contribute to the public access and preservation of its cultural heritage.

The project was produced by Anemon Productions for the Goethe Institut, Athens

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Producers: Rea Apostolides & Yuri Averof, ANEMON Productions, Goethe-Institut Athen
Written and directed by Andreas Apostolidis, Rea Apostolides and Yuri Averof
Historical editor: Prof. Dr. Christina Koulouri
Historical Advisor: Prof. Dr. Tülay Artan
Photographers Jutta Benzenberg, Ivan Blazhev, Samir Karahoda, Kamilo Nollas, Ivan Petrovic
Cinematography: Stelios Apostolopoulos
Editing George Helidonidis
Production Manager: Leonidas Liambeys
Assistant Producer Elektra Peppa
Created in association with the Goethe-Institut Athen, with the support of the EU
Partners: Anila Berberi – Fondi Shqiptar per Monumentet, Hajrulla Ceku – EC Ma Ndryshe, Sasa Janjic – Remont, Ivana Petkanovska – CeProSARD
This project has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The contents of this website are the sole responsibility of the Goethe-Institut and can under no circumstances be regarded as the position of the EU.

In the early 20th century, most of the Balkans were still part of the multi-ethnic Ottoman Empire. But by 1924, this world was violently torn asunder. More than 500,000 Muslims were expelled from Greece, and at least 1.2 million Greek Orthodox Christians were forced to flee their homes in Turkey.

‘Twice a Stranger’ is a cross media project about the greatest forced migrations of the 20th century, when millions of people were uprooted and moved to new homelands.

Based on oral video testimonies, rare film archives and photos this project brings visitors face-to-face with the survivors of these traumatic events. From the Greek-Turkish exchange in 1922-24, ‘Twice a Stranger’ travels to the German-Polish forced migration at the end of WW II,  to the Partition of India, and to the Cyprus crisis’ in the 1960’s and 70’s.

The project was produced by Anemon Productions

Watch the film on Vimeo-VOD:

Explore the testimonies and history on the Twice a Styranger webplatform (ENG, GR, TUR, DE):

Producers: Rea Apostolides & Yuri Averof, ANEMON PRODUCTIONS
Historical Advisors: Roger Zetter (Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford), Bruce Clark (author and international security editor of The Economist)
Production Co-ordinator: Leonidas Liambeys
Press Manager & Assistant Producer: Elektra Peppa
Marketing Manager: Selini Efthymiou
Exhibition Videos: Andreas Apostolidis (author), Andreas Apostolidis & Yuri Averof (directors), Yuri Averof (editor), Stelios Apostolopoulos (image), Spyros Tsihlis (sound), Darae Yoon (research Germany Deutschland))
Exhibition Design & Construction: Johan Annerhed
Storytelling Author: Anna Conomos
Created by: ANEMON PRODUCTIONS, Athens, Greece
BENAKI MUSEUM, Athens, Greece
TOLLE IDEE!, Munich, Germany
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This website reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.