Joint History Project editors meet again, make progress on sources and topics

Belgrade — 6-8 July 2014 — The key editors of the upcoming Joint History Project workbooks met for a second time to debate topics to be covered in the volumes addressing recent history, bringing to the table everything from the split of Yugoslavia to the emergence of the Facebook culture.

Prof. Christina Koulouri, Prof. Dubravka Stojanovic, Prof. Neven Budak, Prof. Bozo Repe and Prof. Alexei Kalionski, accompanied by the CDRSEE’s Director of Programmes Corinna Noack-Aetopulos, made great progress in the Belgrade meeting, organizing and sourcing the two innovative workbooks, which are part of the second phase of the CDRSEE’s Joint History Project.

Ideas covered a vast range and showed the various perspectives of the wars of the 1990s, the Cold War, the Cyprus crisis and many other sensitive topics.  In addition, experiences with transition and lifestyle topics such as new technologies, the Youth Culture, the emergence of smart phones, and the importance of social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are under consideration.

The Joint History Project is the CDRSEE’s multi-perspective history education programme, fostering understanding and reconciliation in the Western Balkans for the past 16 years. Four workbooks are currently available in 11 languages. The second phase of the JHP covers the history of the past 60 years.