Hrovje Klasic recognised for improving Croatian Serbian relations

Starting our new year with some good news, the CDRSEE wishes to congratulate Croatian historian Hrvoje Klasić, member of the JHP source committee, on being the recipient of the ’Svetozar Pribicevic’ award for the improvement of Croatian-Serbian relations.

The award was given during the annual Christmas reception of  the Serb National Council, a body acting as a self-governing authority for  Serbs in the Republic of Croatia concerning the issues of their identity, civil and national rights.

During the reception speech Mr Klasić addressed the participants and said:

“In my hometown Sisak, as well as in Zagreb and Belgrade, I did not have Croat or Serb friends, but just friends. I have always succeeded in that. I’m glad that my friends from the SNC recognised these efforts, but for me it is more important to include in this quest as many people as possible. I am an historian, history cannot be changed, but we can learn and prevent the inhuman from repeating itself and recognise what is human. There were times we need to be ashamed of, during which inhumanity won, but there were many more times where we behaved like humans. I took two Bibles, one in Cyrillic and one in Latinic. I found neither the term ‘Croat’ nor  ‘Serb’ in either one, but I came across the term ‘man’. I would be pleased if all Christians took in hand the Bible and began to read it with understanding”.