Editors review the first selection of sources for two new history workbooks 1945-2008

Athens, 14-15 April 2015 — A first selection of historical documents for the two new Joint History Project volumes was made last week in Athens.  Invited by series editor Prof. Christina Koulouri, the three co-editors, Prof. Neven Budak (Zagreb), Prof. Bozo Repe (Ljubiljana) and Prof. Alexei Kalionski (Sofia), as well as the editorial consultant Prof. Dubravka Stojanovic (Belgrade), reviewed historical sources that were put forward by 23 historians from across Southeast Europe.

Selected sources will now be refined and re-discussed with all contributing historians and consultants. The second selection process is scheduled for June 2015, and the final publication of books is planned for May 2016.

Two new volumes, which will cover the period from 1945-2008, will be the latest addition to the successful series “Teaching Modern Southeast European”, a collection of historical sources from the Ottoman Empire to the Second World War.

The ambitious aim of the project is to portray the shared history of the region, with both controversial and common features, and provide two new high-quality source books that are widely accepted amongst the people of Southeast Europe.

Before publication, the books will undergo several evaluation processes by historians and teachers of the region, which together with the Ministries of Education of the region form the strong team that has embarked on this challenging endeavor.